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Can you complete the entire execution 25 days or earlier?

To use our creative skills and execute it with the best quality workmanship and give out a premium output, we cannot rush through any of the steps. Of course, we know that your time is precious and that’s why we arrive at a time stipulation for every project at the start of the project and stick to it as much as possible

How long will it take to complete a project?

It will normally take 25 to 90 working days and even more depending on the size of the project.

Do you charge for giving a proposal?

No, we do not charge for giving the initial Proposa

Will you be able to give a quote, if given the floor plan?

We will be able to give a rough estimate based on the floor plan. However, to provide exact costing, we would require to know the materials used, finishes etc and a site visit

How about the Quality of material, guarantee and after sale service?

All materials used by Woodspin are quality tested and Woodspin takes the complete responsibility for the quality of the materials. We give Guarantee for a Period of 1 year and promise to rectify any fault arising out of faulty workmanship at our cost. There will be a visit by us to see if there is any problem in the 6th month once the project is completed.

Do you do the design and the execution yourself?

Yes. We provide Turnkey Interior Solutions that include both the design and execution

What is your working procedure?

If your site is ready (walls are constructed) and you are interested in doing interior work - We will come for a site visit and analyse your site, take measurements, study your requirements and take your inputs. Then we will work out a quote for you and send it to you through email. You could see our sample and If you are comfortable with our quote & team, you can confirm the work by paying 40% of the project cost. Once we are done with the designs we will start the execution, by delivering the material as our first process. The next 50% must be given 2-3 parts depending on the progress. The final 10% is collected after completion.

Do you undertake Additional Works that are not in Original Quotation?

Yes. We undertake all the works that are in our scope. We normally get the approval of the client regarding the costs involved. A separate bill is given for the Additional works done.

Do you do all the work at site?

Most of the works will be done at our place (Factory). However, if any changes are required depending on the walls, it will be done at site.

Do you charge for the designs?

For commercial and Corporate, Normally, we provide the floor plan and the elevation drawings free of cost. However, the 3D drawings are charged. If you take up our service – the charge is levied.

Do you provide Design, Concept and Drawings alone?

Yes, we do provide concepts and designs alone for which we charge Rs 35 to Rs 55 / sq. ft depending upon the size & complexity of the project. We will be having one site visit before starting the designs.

Why not I go for local carpenter and get my job done at cheaper price?

Simple. It’s a question whether to go branded or non-branded for your dream house. We get what we pay for. Pay the best and get the best, be it food, water or medical care. The same goes for your home interiors. The designs, techniques and specialized tools used to achieve a particular design can never be imitated by an unprofessional. The choice is yours.

Does False Ceiling require and special maintenance?

Maintaining the beauty of false ceiling is an easy and hassle free process and it is similar to the maintenance of any plastered surface. No special maintenance is required and any dust that gets accumulated can be cleaned away, the same way you would clean your existing home interiors.

What is the life of a false ceiling?

A false ceiling usually lasts as long as the life of the building interior unless any of the systems are physically damaged or abused.

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